An App developed by student of IIT-K will help senior citizens to use smartphones



A student of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IIT–K) has developed a smartphone application that can be used by the senior citizens without any complexity.


Developed and designed by Shashank Arya, the ‘glass launcher’ app won the silver award at Uxplorer 2016 — a design competition for students, organised in Pune on September 9 by YUJ design.


The app works by redesigning the phone keypad along with the user interface and the icons that appear on the screen. It simplifies the interface and ensures a smooth typing experience for older people.


In the process of developing the application, Shashank took suggestions from psychologists and other experts.


“The app will help the elderly by decreasing the problems they face while using smartphones,” said Shashank. The young innovator added, “As per research, the ‘QWERTY’ keypad (usual in smartphones) was introduced for two-hand typing on typewriters.


“Research, testing, and designing – all took around four months,” shared Shashank, who is now working on another app that will counsel students and help them get a clear vision of a career that suits their skills as well as interests.


The glass launcher app resets the keypad to the conventional ‘ABC’ format (as seen in basic phones) with which the elderly are familiar. The app also resets the color tone of the screen to green, thus enhancing visibility for people with color blindness.


Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur’s (IIT-K) Sachin Np has designed Ocha 2.0, a customisable tea maker which uses a mobile application to brew tea to suit the user’s taste buds and can be scheduled to keep a cup ready.


His prototype of the kettle, which he developed within a year, helped him win A’ Design Award and Competition, the world’s largest design competition recognising the best designs, concepts, products and services.


.     Now, due to its familiarity, it is still being used in all devices. However, elderly people have difficulty in using this keypad for typing messages on their smartphones.”


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