Angry Landlord attacked 32 Dogs with Acid, Axe & Machetes in Chandigarh Animal Shelter!


On May 22, three men allegedly used acid, machetes and axe to attack an animal shelter in Chandigarh. Not only did they attack them, they killed several pups, threw acids on them and even left they charred bodies for their owner to see.

Protection and Care for Animals are run by Resham Dhaliwal in Nandiali village in Mohali. Basically, it’s a rented land and  the land used as the animal shelter is taken as rent from Balwinder Singh.

Balwinder Singh, along with his son Jimmy and with the help of domestic charge Dharminder resorted to attacking the shelter after an argument with Dhaliwal. As per the reports, Balwinder wants her to vacant the land, while she wasn’t ready to do so.

Balwinder stormed into her house and assaulted Dhaliwal and her husband too. However, after the incident; she filed a complaint against the Landlord. The men were arrested but were released by that evening only.

It was on that day that the men attacked the animal shelter. Dhaliwal said that three men ambushed the shelter on May 22. Moreover, the men entered the shelter and threw acids on 32 dogs.

They used machetes and axe to beat the animals and those were leashed were chopped. Four pups sustained in the stage of serious cuts and others are in a state of trauma. The dead bodies of some dogs were scattered in the courtyard of the shelter.

Moreover, out of 32 dogs; 12 are missing in Chandigarh.



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