Apple Has A World Of Amazing Products

Apple has been one of the topmost companies involved in technological development. It has always kept innovation and motivation as the motto in developing its products. But there are some products produced by the giant which have failed miserably in the market.

Apple PippinPippinfront

 Before the PlayStation was developed and used as now and Microsoft made its first Xbox, Apple was the first one to step into the gaming world with its first console, the Apple Pippin. The device had the lowest version of Mac OS and was launched at a price of $599 in 1996 in partnership with Japanese video game company Bandai; however it failed to gain customer interests.

Apple Newton MessagePadnewton-pen

  Numerous failed products were launched under John Sculley being appointed the CEO of the company, Apple Newton was one among them. It was a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) that had the feature of handwriting recognition. The stylus provided with the device was used to write which automatically converted to text. However, the device was a failure and made too many errors.

Macintosh TVmacintosh-tv-on-black

  Macintosh TV was developed as a hybrid device between the desktop computer and cable television. It was introduced in 1993 with 5MB RAM, 160MB hard drive, 14-inch display with a price tag of $2,099. The product had a bad market reputation and was discontinued after 4 months of its launch.

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iPod Socks8ebaace0-429f-0132-0a8d-0eae5eefacd9

  iPods, when they were built, they were the coolest mp3 players available those days. It was also accompanied with a sock which protected it from unwanted scratches. However, they remained on shelves for eight years, from 2004-2012.

Apple Graphics TabletApple Graphics Tablet1

 In 1979, Apple introduced the Apple II desktop computer and an accessory with it called the Apple Graphics Tablet which solved the problem of drawing and sketching digitally. The device failed miserably because of radio frequency interference problems.

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QuickTake 100quicktake100good

 About 20 years ago, Apple released one of the first consumer digital cameras in collaboration with Kodak. The main reason for its failure was that it was not solely designed by the company which led to its discontinuation after three years, in 1997.


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