Apple iPhone 8 news: Three New iPhones for 2017, Inductive Mat Technology for Wireless Charging!


Apple phone lovers, here we go for you with a new smartphone iPhone 8. Rumors about iPhone 8 are getting more intense as 2017 draws near you. Most of the Apple fans expect iPhone 8 to be the most innovative smartphone ever!

Likely, 2017 is a special year for Apple. It’s the 10th Anniversary of the iPhone. Fans expect to get some new features in the upcoming phones and up gradation of the features in the existing ones because it’s time for celebration folks!

Three Smartphones for 2017.

During the upcoming year, Apple releases three new iPhones in the market. Out of which, two will be of Aluminium body and the third one is the special anniversary smartphone edition. The new smartphone has been featured by curved OLED display just like the Samsung phones.

The three versions are iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s plus and iPhone 8.

Rumor about iPhone 8

IPhone 8 is also going to get rid of the home screen locker. Instead, get replaced by the fingerprint scanner either!

Apple is filled with a new patent, that is related to the new scanner. The patent describes a new technique where the touch sensors will be placed anywhere on the device for new input sources. Physical buttons (like, lock screen buttons and volume buttons) could also be replaced by these embedded touch screens.

Inductive mat Technology

Well, this will be the first time that Apple is going to introduce a technology of Wireless Charging in the market with its new upcoming iPhone 8.

By using the inductive pad, this task will be accomplished, just like in Apple watchers. In order to make wireless charging faster, iPhone 8 is associated with a glass casing which helps to prevent frequency interference during charging, beyond its other advantages.

Whether the wireless chargers will be available individually or along with the phones, is YET TO BE REVEALED.



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