” No, I don’t like the Boy”: My Story of Finding My Soul Mate in My Arranged Marriage

A Story of Priyanka Yadav

We met in a meeting set up by our parents for the arranged marriage. I was 22 at that time though having a pretty job but not ready to get married, so just to keep my parent’s heart I got ready to meet the boy with a pre-decided answer “NO, I didn’t like the boy…”

And we met along with our families hardly for 30 min. I liked his laugh at that time And as per plan, I told No to my parents …

But You never know what destiny stores in for you…

Though I came back to my job place and started my routine life but He didn’t get out of my head after next 7–8 days though there is nothing much to remember from that meeting as we didn’t talk much….but one thing was clear , somewhere in my heart I wanted to know him more ..

That’s when I decided to talk to him over phone and tried to know what’s so special about him that wanted me to connect with him.. And in less than one month I knew that we are made for each other and I wanted to listen him & his laugh more and more & more …I Fell in Love .

And now he is my husband, it’s been more than three years since I found my better-half ..He is so adorable and a beautiful person and I wanna see all colors of my life together with him.

I always thank my parents for introducing me to this beautiful soul.

P.S.: listen to your inner voice as it leads us to a happy path in our life.


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