Misleading Ads- Here is the list Of the Companies


Advertisement Standards Council of India has slammed warning against companies of Aashirvad Atta, Amazon, Johnson & Johnson,Idea and many others for circulating false and misleading ads to the public through their commercials. The controversial monk Baba Ramdev’s Pathanjali is also one among them.

Misleading Ads

The Customer Complaints Council under the ASCI, in March, received about 155 complaints questioning the certainty in advertisements of some products out of which 90 were ruled right by the council. ASCI upheld the advertisements of 32 educational companies, 30 health and personal care companies and 10 food and beverage companies. The council found the advertisements to be grossly exaggerated to make fake claims and defame other products to lure buyers into buying theirs.

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Products and their exaggerated claimsMISLEADING ADS

Most advertisements have been marked to have made vague claims to promote their products. Baba Ramdev’s group of products (Pathanjali) of hair care oil and mustard oil mostly claimed other products in the market to be hazardous to public health, playing unfair. The council ruled them to be false and misleading by vagueness and gross exaggeration and drafted to defame other similar products in the market. Other complaints were against Aashirvad atta from ITC, Benadryl DR from Johnson & Johnson and Kalyan jewellers.

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Kalyan Jewellers claim to be the biggest jewellery showroom in the world have been ruled to be “substantiated claim and misleading by exaggeration”. The FMCG firm ITC has also been rapped for its commercial on Aashirvad Multigrain Atta saying, ” The advertisement’s claim ‘India’s No 1 Atta‘ is misleading by ambiguity as the claim support was for the mother brand Aashirvad whereas the advertised product was only one variant i.e. Aashirvad Atta with Multigrains. Also, the disclaimer was not as Nielson criteria.”

The claim of Benadryl DR to stop dry cough from reoccurring is substantiated and is misleading by exaggeration remarked the council.



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