What are some awesome websites that not enough people know about?


There are more than 644 Million websites on the web, and there are many useful ones available, but we do not know about most of them because we don’t search for them, however, here’s an extensive list of websites you probably never knew about, each offering something unique.


1. Supercook


Recipe search by ingredients you have at home.
If you love cooking, then this website is for you, you can use it by entering what ingredients you have and then it gives you options on what you can cook with it as well as how you can cook them, this website can also be good for those who want to learn how to cook.

2. http://Scholar.google.com


This is another type of search engine created by Google; students can search on it for school related stuff and find good results, there are also articles available there.

3. 10 Minute Mail – Temporary E-Mail


This website provides people with fake email addresses, but why would you need a fake email address? Well, some people do, you don’t have to enter your email if you want to sign up for things such as a news letter.

4. EssayTyper


Here, you can type a topic and then it will write a paper for you in minutes; it is always best to read what it has written for you if you want to put it to good use.

5. http://Iamawesome.com

This website doesn’t have much content in it, it has just one page, and you will be surprised by what it says, try it out.

6. SNESFUN Play Retro Super Nintendo


Want to play Nintendo games? You can pay almost every single Nintendo game ever created, games are fun, and everyone deserves to have a bit of fun.

7. Delete Your Online Accounts – Popular

Need to remove your data from some websites? You can visit this one and use it to remove your data from some sites.

8. Home


There’s always that one person that loves watching documentaries, if that is you, then you will enjoy this website, you can watch countless documentaries for free there.

9. Rainy Mood

You can listen to rain sounds on this website, they also have an app, if you love rain sounds, you can also find them by just searching them in YouTube, perfect for concentration, work and studying.

10. ProxTube:: Unblock YouTube

Have you ever wanted to watch a video on YouTube but you saw it was blocked by your country? Well, you can use this website to watch that kind of videos.

11. Write a letter to the future

With this website, you can send messages to yourself in the future; you can even turn this into your diary, you will smile while reading what you used to do before.

12. http://Nickreboot.com

If you enjoy watching old cartoons, you can use this website to stream cartoons from the 90s, available for free.

13. What Is That Song?

This website is useful if you heard a song on tv but don’t know what song it was, it can help you with that.

14. http://Http://shelterpups.com


Need a stuffed animal that looks exactly like your dog? With this website, you can send them a picture of your dog, and they will send you a stuffed animals that look alike.

15. Talk Therapy Online and Counseling Services.


For those who don’t have anyone to tell their secrets and problems to You can talk to a stranger on this website and tell them your challenges and secrets.

16. http://Diamondcandles.com


This website sells candles that contain Rings that may have a good value; it depends on how much the ring is worth.

17. Televisor

If you like shows, you can give this website show you like and then it will recommend for you important shows and where you can find them on the internet.

18. Chegg.com


As a student or a person interested in learning, you can send rare books online for a semester, better than buying all the books from a book store.

19. LOZO


Grocery Coupons by Email, the Best Way to Save Money on Groceries
Online shoppers, this is your lucky day, you can enter everything on your shopping list to this website, and it will give you a coupon for each item.

20. Free Repair Help | Fix-It Club


If you prefer DIY when you want something fixed, you can try this website to show you how to fix things; you might even acquire skills from it.


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