What is the most awkward moment that happened to you due to your clothes?


We asked people about any awkward moment that happened to them because of their clothes. Here is one of the answer to the question.

My first visit to Manhattan. I’d just vacated the British Embassy, and I had nearly 8 hours to kill before my flight, so I assumed I’d see what all the hoopla was about. I wandered around experiencing all the sights & sounds of NYC and made my way to 5th Avenue.

I was hungry, so I walked into a restaurant for lunch. It turns out; this was a real foo-foo place! The Maitre D’ took a glance at me. I was wearing a Black Sabbath t-shirt. This one:

He cupped his elbow in one hand, and put the other hand up to his lips, as he inspected me, up and down. “Oh, that won’t do” he judged. “You must have a jacket.”
“I can’t eat here?” I queried.

So it was true. This kind of stuff does happen in the big city. I was about to be indignant. Wadda you mean, I can’t eat here, I’m thinking. Am I not good enuff for you?
“Not like that, sir.” He continued to size me up. “Just one moment” and off he goes. I look around, and everyone is in their Sunday-go-to-meeting’ clothes, on a Tuesday afternoon.

I waited, wondering what indignities I was about to be subjected to when he came back with the manager, or maybe a bouncer in a tuxedo, to show me the door and get rid of this riff-raff that happened to crawl through their gilded doors.

In a NY minute, he came back. “If you don’t mind, sir,” he says, as he holds up a dark jacket for me to put on.

“Oh!” I turned around, and he slipped in over my arms and shoulders.
“Much better” he smiled.

At which point, I was led to a table to order my bowl of $15 squab soup du jour.
Look at me… all fancied up in my formal jacket and Black Sabbath t-shirt! I felt highfalutin! I enjoyed my meal, and the soup was so good, after that i lifted the bowl to my mouth to slurp up every last drop.

As i didn’t want them to think I was uncivilized, by not finishing it all! Then i dabbed at my mouth with the corner of my napkin. When in Rome…! I noticed others pointing and admiring my t-shirt, and was glad to have fellow Black Sabbath fans around me.
So this is how city-folk live. Not so bad. Not so bad, at all.

I paid up, and as I left, I told the waiter “Thanks for the coat!”
“Not at all, sir.”

I went back outside and enjoyed another hour of wandering among the hustle and bustle. I was going to stop and ask someone how to get to Carnegie Hall… but thought better of it, and hailed a cab to get me back to the airport.

Turned out to be an exciting day.


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