‘I am backpedaling to Sikhism’: Many disappointed “Premis” Deny Dera


While a couple of people remain faithful, many others were confounded with disfavor after Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s arrest. Many of the Dera supporters say they are sitting tight for the tidy to settle.

“I am backpedaling to Sikhism,” said Manjit Singh, a 29-year-old adherent of the Dera Sacha Sauda in southern Punjab who is exasperated by Gurmeet Slam Rahim Singh’s conviction for assaulting two pupils 15 years prior.

A Dalit man who works in a transport office in Salabatpura joined the order two years back was guided by the honorable things he had found out about it. “I heard how it frees individuals of liquor abuse, meat utilization, organizes weddings for poor ladies. In this way, I began to visit the Dera. I started to like Baba Ji’s proclaiming,” said Singh, who was himself a dipsomaniac before he went up against the surname ‘Insan’.


“A few companions used to discuss these bodies of evidence against him, yet every time I saw Baba Ji, I thought those were finished untruths.” Singh said now he saw the “truth in the charges”. “Toward the beginning of today, I read in the daily paper that 18 young ladies have been rescued from the Sirsa Dera and sent for medical examination. “Vishwas uth Gaya hai (I have lost my confidence in him). I can’t believe any godman any more.” On August 29, the Akal Takht welcomed the prevalently Dalit devotees of the Dera Sacha Sauda, who have for quite some time been minimized by standard Sikhism, once again into its crease.


Since the day of Singh’s conviction when a huge number of his furious supporters went crazy crosswise over Punjab and Haryana, the youthful, male horde has turned into the substance of a faction that claims a following of 60 million. While numerous Dera adherents stay faithful to the 70-year-old establishment in light of its place in their social and financial lives, some vibe befuddled or clashed even with their pioneer’s disrespect. There are various components that pulled in individuals to Singh’s clique; their responses to his fall are similarly different.

“It was after I saw a film of his — the one in which he plays an Adivasi in Chhattisgarh — that I ended up noticeably enlivened to tail him,” said 21-year-old Pooja Insan, who was leaving the group’s Sirsa central command on August 30 with her mom at the asking of Haryana police. Delighted by Singh’s overwhelming motion picture persona in MSG 2, Pooja convinced her mom to go from their home in Rohtak to the Dera’s Sirsa domain inside days of the film’s discharge in 2015. “We felt so great. We were first given the name (Insan), at that point, there was a Satsang and move exhibitions by kids.” From that point forward, she has gone by the Dera in any event once per month. Presently headed back home, Pooja and her mom said they didn’t know whether they were permanently returning.

“We didn’t know anything about the assault charges. We have never spent a night inside the Dera. We would prefer not to be a piece of any discussion,” she said.


Ramji Insaan, a 35-year-old architect, isn’t a current supporter. Like most Dalit families in Bajeka town of Haryana, he has taken after the faction since its establishing in 1946. “I took the name 15 years back. The Dera is a major piece of the town’s life. Several young fellows are utilized by it.” Since August 25, the day of Singh’s conviction by a CBI court, however, a large portion of them have been staying away from the subject.


“We are holding up and viewing,” said Ramji, playing cards with his companions under a shed in the town. Inquired as to whether he will come back to the Dera for the standard Satsang, he stated, “Abhi Kuch Nahi Kah sake. Aage dekhenge (Can’t state anything now, will perceive how things go).”


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