What is the most beautiful lesson you have learned in life?


Here is one of the most beautiful life lesson a person has learned in life. Must read it till the end.

Many years ago, a coworker invited us to watch sports at her apt. I typically separate business from pleasure, but she was so genuine, I agreed. She lived in an impoverished area of Los Angeles, and her place was sparse but clean. Right before the game started, she and her husband asked if we wanted “hors d’oeuvres” and drinks. Not wanting to offend, my husband and I said: “yes, thank you.”

Moments later, they emerged from their kitchen with a large plastic, chipped “platter” (actually an elongated plate), and on top were two neatly cut bologna sandwiches (white bread of course), divided into eight squares. Next to it was a tall can of ice-cold Budweiser and four small, mismatched shot glasses in which they proudly poured everyone a drink from which we toasted the friendship.

As I remember that time, it still makes my eyes well with tears because, at that moment, I saw her pride of being a host; the elegance with which they attempted to serve their “guests” – having obviously cleaned (still smelled of bleach and pine sol), and their selflessness.

I’ve been many places and countries in my life since then and have socialized with people from many stations in life, but never have I been as honored to be welcomed into someone’s home than then. These people had nothing to give but shared all they had – happily, willingly, humbly.

They reinforced one of my most beautiful lessons in life – and that is to recognize and embrace the humanity in everyone.


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