Bedroom gadgets that will change your day in the best way

If your house is your castle, then your bedroom is the throne room from which you rule. Smart homes are all the rage these days.  Think smart mattresses, fancy night lights and snooze-reducing alarm clocks. Scroll on through to see our recent gadget finds that’ll make sleeping and waking that much better.
  1. Godrej Goldilocks91Vk7aFnyYL._SL1500_

Goldilocks is a new age digital locker that will keep important things like your wallet or money safe in the bedroom. Made of tough steel, this small safe uses a digital keypad to open or close. Weighing 5kg, this is one of the most portable safes available in the Indian market. But, that does not mean anyone can pick it up and walk away. If an unauthorized person picks it or tries to tamper with it, an alarm will set off.

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  1. Sensesense_hand_cotton_lit-e1406072684899-1940x1091

This smart device tracks your sleep behavior, monitors the conditions in your bedroom (including noise, light, temperature, humidity and particles in the air) and wakes you up in the morning at the right point in your sleep cycle. It consists of 3 parts: the sense base, sleep tracker, and mobile application. Sense sits on your nightstand and monitors the conditions in your bedroom and disturbances at night. Sleep tracker, a little device attaches to your pillow and tracks your sleep at night. And it’s app lets you know how well you slept or didn’t and gives you a unique Sleep Score each night.
  1. USB heated slippersbedroom gadgets 1784_smores_usb_heated_plush_slippers_inuse

On an icy winter morning, there are a lot of reasons to want to stay in bed—not the least of which is dreading the sensation of the cold floor on your feet. That’s when these USB-heated slippers come to the rescue. These ultra-cozy slippers have USB-powered heating units that distribute warmth throughout the slippers to keep your toes nice and toasty.

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  1. Sony Ultra Short Throw Projectorpeepindia bedroom gadgets sony-4k-ultra-short-throw

This Sony projector allows you to turn your wall (or ceiling!) into a life-sized window or movie theater. And, if you’re short on space, this projector is perfect for you as it sits just seven inches from the wall.

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  1. Cubesensorscubesensors-hands-og_image

These cordless, stylish cubes look almost like modern art pieces, but they’re actually extremely functional. Each cube monitors temperature, humidity, air quality, noise, light, and pressure in the room and sends this information to the cloud so that you can access it anywhere. They also send you alerts when conditions in your bedroom are suboptimal, and even let you know when it’s time to dim the lights in the evening!



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