Welcome Back The Trend Of Bell Sleeves


The heat is at a peak and the fashion cycle is repeating itself,  then why not bring back the trend of bell sleeves. This trend is best in hot weathers.

Bell Sleeves
bell sleeves 3

The trend of this kind of sleeves actually seen worn by the ladies of Europe in the 1500s. Remember the ladies in tightly fitted corsets? The style travelled overseas and reached our country wherein it was famous during the 1970s. The actresses,  from SairaBanu to ZeenatAman, where all seen adorning the airy style of sleeves.

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Even though the style went missing with the new generation it was back again, via the west. The Indian movie actresses followed the trend of bells both in sleeves as well as pants in the 2000s. Rani Mukherjee, Kareena Kapoor, PreityZinta, all were spotted wearing such sleeves in the movies that released then. The fans did imitate their favorite stars for a while , but it did not stay long.bell sleeves 2As the heat now in India strikes up to 40 degree Celsius , it looks like a perfect time to bring back the loose airy comfy sleeves. Especially with Fashionista like Sonam Kapoor and other actresses like Athiya Shetty adorning the style, one would definitely be inspired to try it out.

Even though much used in the past, bell sleeves are definite to give you that edgy look.The vintage styles of crop tops, boat necks, flared pants are all returning new and updated. So why not bell sleeves? With some new lines and ruffles threw in, it’s a different and sophisticated look all together. Apply them to your blouses, dresses, jumpsuits or even crop tops.

For everyone,  who is a charter of the ‘fashion mantra’, its a must try.


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