Best Bedtime Beverages You Must Try

While bedtime drinking traditionally meant taking a nightcap of neat liqueur or spirits last thing before bed, nowadays, there is a huge range of beverages available designed to help us get a better night sleep, and not all of them alcoholic.
Here is a list of drinks that will help you get a soothing sleep.
  1. ChamomileChamomile-Tea

Chamomile helps calm you down by relaxing the nerves and calming the stomach, encouraging a sense of calm throughout your whole body and promoting a great, peaceful night’s sleep. For best results, drink a cup of chamomile tea around 30 minutes before bedtime and leave unsweetened.
  1. Hot Milkhot-milk-cinnamon-600

Milk is soothing because of the calcium content, which helps you relax. It is also rich in tryptophan, which the body converts into serotonin – a natural hormone in the body that can make you sleepy. Milk is also sugar-free and additive-free. Skimmed is the least fattening but still has high calcium content. The more fat you consume before bedtime, the greater the burden put on the digestive system and liver, which ideally needs to be cleansing at night.
  1. Cocoa

Most people consider this the classic pre-bed drink. First consumed by the Mayans, cocoa was prepared as a delicious hot beverage made up of roasted cocoa beans, boiling water and a pinch of spice. Till today, it remains the most popular choice of hot drink before bed around the world.
  1. Coconut WaterINBV-Coconut-Water-shutterstock

We tend to think of coconut water as being a stimulating, energizing drink. But it’s actually your best friend when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep! High in magnesium and great for rehydrating, refreshing coconut water will have you dreaming of exotic beaches before you know it!
  1. Peppermint Tea

Perhaps one of the best hot drinks before bed in the nights leading up to an exam or a big job interview, peppermint tea is thought to soothe jittery stomachs, reduce nausea and relieve anxiety. And it’s delicious and refreshing too!


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