Best International Trips Cheaper Than an i-phone!

We all know, traveling not only relaxes our mind but also our souls. Be it within or away from the country, the fun, delight, and extravaganza of the trip remain all the same!
However, neither you nor I can deny the fact that when it comes to going international, the first factor that hinders all our plans is the ‘budget’ estimation. Most of the times, our budget exceeds our limit and finally we end up dropping our plans! Well, if budget is bothering your next international tours, think again as there is a myriad list of international destinations that can easily fit into your wallet.
  1. South Koreasouth-korea-travel-guide-922x615

One has to visit South Korea and witness its immaculate beauty! An international tourist destination, where nature cuddles the scenic beauty and makes for an exciting experience, backpacking in South Korea is truly a fun-filled affair.
Air Tickets:  INR 26,000 on Skyscanner .Fly from Kolkata.
Stay: INR 8,000 (16K for 2 people on Airbnb). Also like on, if you are travelling with 2-3 people, it’s possible to get awesome places between 1200-1500 INR per person per night.
Duration: Suggested travel is for 7 Days
  1. Thailandbig-thailand-4

A trip to Thailand is totally possible for a cost less than that of an iPhone. This is among the most beautiful countries in the Indian Ocean region where you can eat street food and shop anonymously. Not to miss watching various celebrations of the Thai culture.
Airfare: Air tickets to Thailand can be as cheap as Rs.15k.
Total Budget: Overall experience of Thailand will cost you less than buying an iPhone 6 Plus (Rs. 53,000)
Many of the Thai packages start from Rs.35K and can go up to Rs.45K. (Packages include airfare too.)
  1. United Arab Emiratesinternational trips iphone cheap

One of the most popular holiday destinations among the leisure travelers, UAE boasts of its stunning beauty and array of things to do. Amongst all the places to visit in the UAE, one cannot ignore Dubai at any cost.
Stay: Get a Sweet pad like This One in as low as 1402 INR. Comfy for 2 people and super pocket-friendly
Flights: Indigo (Bless them) will get your there & back (on time, as they promise) in just Rs. 14,576.
  1. VietnamUntitled-11

Shaped like the letter “S”, lying on the eastern part of the Indo-Chinese peninsula is Viet Nam. In the country, you will find timeless charm and a flavor of another Asian culture.
Air Tickets: As low as INR 16,000 if planned on time. Check Skyscanner. Suggested flight from – Chennai.
Stay: Can be managed in INR 8,500 for 7-day tour
Duration: Suggested trip duration 6 Days
  1. Nepal

    Nepal-Tour-Package Nestled amidst lofty peaks and scenic landscapes, Nepal is truly a delight for the backpackers. Not only backpackers or adventure enthusiasts, the country also serves as an ideal holiday destination for families, corporate visits and other types of travelers.
Air Tickets: approx INR 8,000, check out SkyScanner for great deals, plan 5-6 months in advance. Bus journeys are also available at INR 2,300
Stay: As low as INR 4,000, book awesome places to stay at Airbnb like this one.
Duration: Suggested trip duration 7 Days


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