“My Kid’s Platelet Count is 15000, could You Please Help” : My Story- A Gesture That Changed Life


Tring Tring..

My phone said you are getting a call from unknown number. For a while I thought it could be HDFC or ICICI guy who are ready to give loan which I don’t require. But I heard a breaking voice from the other side and our conversation went like this.

ME : Hello who is this?

STRANGER : Sir Am I speaking with Chandan?

ME : Yes,please tell me.

STRANGER : Sir my name is XXX I am calling from YYY hospital. My 4-year kid is suffering from severe dengue and platelets count is below 15000. I got your number from hospital blood bank. Can you please come and donate ASAP?

ME : Ya sure. Give me one hour I will reach there.

When I reached there I came to know that he is from a different state and doesn’t know the local language. He didn’t have anybody in Bangalore. Before he called me he tried 10 to 15 people. He said I was his last hope.

It took me two hours to donate the platelets. After that, that person thanked me well and I left that place after meeting that kid.

2 months later..

I got a call from the same person. I thought again he is in problem but what he said made my day.

AMAZING STRANGER : Sir this Sunday is my daughter’s 4th Birthday. Can you please visit our house. We don’t have any other relative in this city, So if you make it that would be helpful.

Till now, I have donated blood 18 times and platelets 4 time. That was the first time somebody treated me like I belonged to their family.

That was the best thing happened for being nice with others. So

“If you have more than you need, simply share it with those who need it the most.”



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