The Bigg Boss 10 Contestant Akansha Sharma Was Married to This Cricketer’s Brother


Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 10 premiered last night and has created a whole lot of buzz already. One of the commoner contestants is none other than Akansha Sharma, estranged wife of Yuvraj Singh’s younger brother Zorawar Singh.


Akansha who has entered the show as one of the commoners blamed Yuvraj’s mum Shabnam Singh for her separation.


The 25-year-old lady revealed on the show that she was married to a cricketer’s brother for all of 4 months before she had to leave because she had a bad marriage. Akansha didn’t get into too many details but did mention being ill-treated. She also stated that she married the family thinking it’s a cricketer’s home, but was disappointed.


Reacting to indirect allegations Akansha made on the show, Shabnam adds, “Somebody has to take the brunt, so it’s fine if it’s me. God bless, is all I can say to her. Let her go on and say what she has to say. Even I have enough to talk and share my side of the story. But I just don’t want to get into any mud-slinging. She’s also someone’s daughter and she’s doing what she’s being instructed to. ”


Akanksha Sharma, who is from Gurgaon, married Zorawar in 2014 but their marriage didn’t last long. While Akanksha said she had no problem with her husband or Yuvraj, she could not deal with her mother-in-law. She finally left and will soon get a divorce. She now wants to start her life afresh inside the Bigg Boss house.


In answer to Salman’s question about her purpose of coming on Bigg Boss to which she replied that she wants to get a new lease of life after a bad marriage.


Though the divorce is yet to be settled in the court, it has definitely left viewers wondering if Akansha will reveal more secrets about the family.



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