“The Biggest Regret Of My Life Is Not Marrying My Girlfriend”- My Story

The name has been kept hidden for privacy concern.

The biggest regret of my life is not marrying my Girlfriend.

We were together for more than 2 years and she was the only girl I know that loved me more than anyone I have ever loved. Her love was unconditional and pure and we were so desperate to marry each other. Somehow we knew we were both perfect for each other and would be so happy together, always.

There was only one problem, the problem was me. My family is extremely orthodox and I loved my father so much that I had promised myself that I will marry a girl that he selects for me. Now don’t get me wrong, when my girlfriend and I came close, I explained this very clearly to her. We both were however so much in love with each other that we couldn’t stop and agreed that the relationship would end when one of us gets married.

Unfortunately, I got married first and those months were the most painful of our life.

After 8 years and a divorce later, that is the biggest regret of my life


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