A Block of Chocolate Does These Amazing Things To Your Body


Chocolate has long satisfied the cravings of many people who have a “sweet tooth,” and in ages past, chocolate was prescribed by village medicine men for a variety of ailments. No surprise, then, that in its many forms chocolate is as popular today as it was in yesteryear — one of the reasons being the biochemical reactions that occur after eating even a small serving.


So here is a list of surprising things that the Chocolate does after going inside your body all the way through your mouth.


  1. Chocolate can protect your skin towards dangerous sunlight and improve your skin.


A German study on women showed that chocolate can work as a light sun protection and decrease the effects of UV light with up to 20 percent. It also improves your skin.


  1. Chocolate Melts Away Your Stress


High quality chocolate contains valeric acid, which can act like a tranquilizer. So in small doses, chocolate can have a calming effect on us. So if you’re swamped with unanswered emails and just found out Drunk You went shopping last night and your dog just did a bunch of stuff on the carpet, break yourself off a slab and leeeeeet it goooo.


  1. Dark chocolate protects the heart.


According to several studies, chocolate can protect against cardiovascular diseases. A study at San Diego State University showed that people who eat 50 gram of dark chocolate every day for two weeks lowered their blood sugar and had lower levels of bad cholesterol, in comparison to another group of people who didn’t eat dark chocolate.


  1. It Readily Improves Your Mood


That warm, content, full, peaceful feeling you get after a piece of chocolate is thanks to the brain hormones chocolate triggers. Yes, you guessed it — consumption of chocolate releases endorphins which set off a series of feel good sensations.






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