BMW Celebrates its 100 Years by Launching Ultra Exclusive 7 Series


BMW, the popular Bayerische Motoren Werke AG German car manufacturer was founded in 1916 in Munich, Germany.

To celebrate this 100 Years of existence, the brand is launching the BMW Individual 7 Series in the Next 100 Years. But, it will be limited to only 100 models worldwide.

The reason behind they’re launching just 100 models is to maintain exclusivity. Ensuring that it is so rare “the sight of it alone is pure luxury.”

Apart from being the most exclusive 7 Series ever, it will be the most powerful engine made by German Car makers.

It has announced that only 1 unit out of 100 units will be made available to India.

That means only one of these beauties will grace the Indian roads. Wondering, who will be the luckiest person?

Actually, there will be choices of 3 engines, but for Indian unit, BMW Individual M760Li xDrive model V12 Excellence will be in THE NEXT 100 YEARS.

The BMW Classic in Munich will be launched on April 19th. All petrol heads will be waiting anxiously for the launch!


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