Bolt to be mix of Messi and Ronaldo


The fastest man on earth is a die-hard fan of Manchester United


Jamaican sprinter Bolt poses with a Manchester United jersey before their English Premier League soccer match against Fulham in Manchester

Usain Bolt, the fastest man on earth is a source of inspiration for many. He is a role model for many upcoming and budding athletes. But this person also idolizes someone. He idolizes Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. The 9-time Olympic gold medallist has expressed his desire to play for Red Devils. The sprinter also mentioned at one point that if he could become a footballer he would be a mix of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

In a recent interview to Viva Magazine Usain Bolt opened his heart out. He spoke at length about football and his admiration for Messi and Ronaldo. Bolt is a great fan of Manchester United. When the reporter of Viva magazine asked Bolt that who would he pick over Messi and Ronaldo, he stated “I’d be a good mixture. By combining the talents of the two and adding my speed and my heart, I would be the greatest!” It can be considered to be a diplomatic move too so as to avoid any differences.

The sprinter has often expressed his desire to play for the United and is eagerly waiting for a call from their side. He further stated,”If they call me to say, ‘we need you now’, I’d take the next flight to England,”. He has eagerly expressed his love for Cricket and Football many times.

His liking for Ronaldo can be because he himself was a Manchester United player once. Though it was only for the time being, Bolt has an immense love for the game. He heartily welcomed the decision of Jose Mourinho’s appointment as the new manager of Manchester United Club. Bolt also expressed his appreciation towards Mourinho by exemplifying how he was a man of worth. Further the star sprinter recounted the incidents when Mourinho had won numerous titles.



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