Protest Against ‘Mass Rape’ In Brazil


Last week, the world witnessed a Brazil that stood shocked before the ‘mass rape’ video of a 16-year-old girl that was posted on twitter. The assault has provoked an online campaign to protest against the culture of rape in Brazil.

Mass Rape- Storymass rape 1

A 16-year-old girl, the victim, was reported to have gone to her boyfriend’s house in a poor community in western Rio de Janeiro on a Saturday  and woke up on Sunday, wounded and naked and surrounded by 30 men, in a different house. The girl made her way back home and only came to know about the whole incident when the video of the attack was uploaded to the social media few days later including many pictures as well.

mass raprThe 40-second video was widely shared on the internet, followed by a wave of misogynistic comments before the accounts of the users were suspended. The incident has provoked mass protests in Brazil, bringing out the population to the streets, asking to put an end to the rape culture of Brazil. Arrest warrants have been issued , including one for her boyfriend.

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The girl’s family, while talking to a local newspaper, said that they initially did not believe such a thing had happened. But later, on watching the video, were left shocked and depressed. They also added, that the girl is not well and is confused at the moment.

In a message posted on Facebook, the victim expressed her gratitude for the public’s support. She wrote, “I really  thought I was going to be badly judged. All of us can go through this one day. It does not hurt the uterus but the soul because they are cruel people not being punished!! Thanks for the support.”

The incident has been taken over by the media criticising the slow reaction of the authorities to the issue. There has been an onset of online debates with hashtag #EstuproNuncaMais (Rape Never Again) and #EstuproNaoECulpaDaVitima (Mass Rape is not the victim’s fault). The sad situation is that even after viewing the video, many tweeted that the fault was of the victim with comments like, “she was drunk”she was wearing the short skirt” and many similar ones.

Following the series of incidents, the Brazil’s interim President Michel Temer has called an emergency meeting of the state’s security ministers. He also vowed to commission a federal police unit to deal with violence against women taking into consideration the history of rapes in Brazil.


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