Bye Bye Torrent sites? Google may soon ban it!


It might be soon to adieu, good bye to the Torrent sites. Since, reports indicate that different search engines like, Goggle, Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing search giants may finally have decided to ban the torrent sites. Google has been criticized by the Hollywood representatives for ‘promoting privacy.’

However, Google is not the only web company that is working on the measures to counter the torrent sites. Other sites, like Yahoo, Bing is also part of the plan. According to the reports from TorrentFreak, Yahoo, Google, and Bing executives met the entertainment industry in the UK that is facilitated by the British Intellectual property and they are ready for signing the deal for the ban of Torrent aggregators’ sites.

Since the idea was last discussed in the Parliament, the Intellectual Office Officials have chaired further for a round table meeting between search engines and representatives of the respective creative industries,” the Digital Economy Bill Committee, Baroness Buscombe said. The lady also even mentioned that the key content of the code had been agreed and we will reach to the conclusion very soon.

The TorrentFreak further reported that the agreement should take effect from 1st June 2017. As of now, nothing has been finalized and the companies involved are on the measures as they plan to introduce curb piracy.

Baroness Buscombe also mentioned: The search engines have been very co-operative, making changes to their algorithms and processes. They are also working with the creative industry to explore the options for new interventions and how existing processes needed to be streamlined.

Last year, Google also dragged some similar controversies after which, it was asked to remove the links which has violated the copyright act. Moreover, India also banned Kickass Torrent and Search engine Torrentz.

It’s been so serious issue that, even downloading any illegal content would be considered as a punishable offense and might lead to jail.

Additionally, the agreement will only be violated in the UK and it will be interesting to see whether it will work uniformly for the entire whole world.


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