How can I forget myself and become a new person?


This is one of the experiences on how one can forget him/herself and become a new person.

Only DECIDE to!

Well, I say, simply but it is not simple for most people…

I suppose if the stories are to be believed, you could try hypnosis or something to see if you can suppress old memories but it is quite likely that they will come bursting through at some inopportune moment.

I suppose the real question is “Why do you want to do this?” “What specifically are you seeking to forget?”




I do wonder the answer to that.

This is the way I see it – It takes courage to choose to live outside the box that everyone in your life has placed you in. And so, for the most part, most people struggle to start afresh but…

Every moment is a new moment.

Every decision is a new decision.

You could very deliberately make new decisions in each moment.

Not easy to do but very possible with discipline, determination, bravery and relentless focus on who you now want to be.

Maybe that is the key, focus on who you do want to be and then always ask, “What would this new version of me do? And then without overthinking, do it!

And this is where the courage comes in, dependent on how old you are; there are certain expectations of you from family, friends and even from yourself. So to be YOU 2.0 may raise a few eyebrows and in some cases, people may not be able to keep their opinions to themselves, and you would have to ask the question again. “What would this 2.0 version of me do about my relationship with this person?” And the answer may be to cut them out of your life until you are settled into the new you. You simply cannot handle their nonsense when you are working deliberately to eliminate yours.

Given enough time and persistence, I do believe you can reinvent yourself. There are certain areas of my life now that I feel completely different in. I look back at who I was and cannot even understand how I could have thought or acted in that way. So yes, it is possible to become new.

You just need to be very deliberate about designing your new 2.0 life and breaking chains to your old life. I am not sure you will completely forget everything, barring amnesia or hypnosis or something, but yes, you can be new.

Only decide to be.


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