Can income hike actually effect your happiness level?


Are you one of them who become satisfy when there is income hike?

However, it’s assumed that the level of happiness is directly proportionate to the income hike. However, a few stands in this category.

It’s very well known to each one of us, how important is income in a Human life. Well, according to the researchers; what really matters is when income is lost, which is highly important for people who are hard-working and diligent.

In a research, it was examined the life satisfaction of people along with their income changes in more than 18,000 adults over a period of nine years, revealed that income change is important only when an individual with specific characteristics has less income.

Continuous increasing income is not an important factor for all the time for people to achieve greater happiness and well-being mainly on the economically based society.

“We should rather aim for financial ability for greater happiness than protecting individuals from high income shock,” mentioned Christopher Boyce, University of Stirling in Britain.

There was a study that involved samples from Germany and Britain separately, asked participants annually about their income level and how they are satisfied in life.

Moreover, participants were also asked about their personality.

When eoplelast income, so as there is reduction in the level of happiness.

This was far greater reported for those who are being conscientious, namely how are there attitudes towards life and work, energetic, efficient and effective of how they did things.

Found that people who are only moderately conscientious had a negative impact of twice the greater rate than the less conscientious people.


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