You can only say three last words to the person you love the most in your life. What would they be?


This answer is submitted by Bill Gandy on the question “You can only say three last words to the person you love the most in your life.” What would they be?

It would be a prayer to my Heavenly Father, whom I love with all my heart:

It would be “Save My Soul.”

I admit it’s a cheat because I always ask the Lord to be with me and to save my soul. But upon reflection, it’s the only thing that would matter at that point.

And seeing as how I love the Lord with all my heart, on a daily basis, I believe it would be appropriate.

Many people think that it is a weakness to rely on God, but the reality IS, that He IS our heavenly Father. And it takes strength to have faith in a world gone mad.

Many people give God a bad rap, saying He kills and He is strict and so on. But in reality, it is a man who was disobedient to Him.

God has paid a King’s Ransom, in the form of Jesus suffering and death to mend the breach and provide the Gift of Salvation through a spiritual loophole, which allows humanity the opportunity to have eternal life with Him.

But rest assured if a person does not wish to serve Him, The Lord will not be dragging that person kicking and screaming, against his or her will, into heaven,

You see, it’s a family business. And you wouldn’t let just anybody into your family business, no matter how much kicking or screaming is involved.

With 108 Billion people who have died on this planet and an estimated 7.3 Billion alive today, Our Heavenly Father has 115 Billion Children (quite a large family), and He loved all of them and loved all of us (even though he may not like what some of us have done).

He wants to have a personal relationship with all of His children, just the same as our natural mothers and fathers do and we’re the only thing that matters. After all, He created Man so He could have a family.

We’re like lost kids in a mall. And while some of us are looking for our family, rest assured that God is looking for us as well!

Draw close to Him, and He will draw close to you!

God Bless And All The Best


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