Cancer Survivors Motivated By Farah Khan


Ace Choreographer and filmmaker, Farah Khan encouraged cancer survivors by calling them “cancer conquerors”.

Farah Khan, while on her discussion on ‘Life After Cancer’ with cancer survivors on Thursday said that she came there to motivate people, instead she got herself motivated at last. She then asked them to be brave and courageous.

“We all say that you are all cancer survivors. Now, it is time to remove the term ‘survivor’. You are cancer conquerors as you have conquered the disease. You are the example of strength.”

“They are such beautiful women and so brave that I feel, even in Bollywood, there are no such beautiful actresses. Actresses should learn from these amazing ladies,” she added.

She hailed the cancer patients to be beautiful women and so brave that there is no such beautiful actress like them. She then impressed by the people, said that, our Bollywood actresses should take tips from the amazing ladies.

She was also seen dancing with the women to a Bollywood song.

Earlier,  Farah Khan said that sarcasm is not something which Indians understand as she has herself faced the music for being bluntly honest at times. But still, Farah finds it tough to be fake in the industry.

“Sarcasm is not something which Indians understand very well… They take it literally. That gets difficult. Having said that, it’s difficult for me to be fake,” she added.

Farah Khan along with his brother always face trouble when they crack jokes at any public gathering or award functions.”It’s not difficult for me to be real (in Bollywood), but it gets difficult for me when I read an article the next day. Most of the time, when I am joking and saying something with sarcasm or with a sense of humour, but, that doesn’t come across in the article.


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