Fashion World: Career as Makeup Artist


With the ongoing changes in the current world, the doors of many places have opened for the teenagers to pursue their career. Many people embark upon their hobbies to be a professional and get successful. Being a makeup artist is a suitable career option which many people prefer. They are the most sought for professionals. The celebrities and the film stars all deserve their brilliant looks and killer beauty all because of the makeup artists.

Makeup artists have a great scope in an array of industries ranging from entertainment to personal beauty care services. To pursue a professional study in this domain one can take up Cosmetology Program or even a Theatre Degree Program to develop a bright future in this domain.

As per the data available from U.S Bureau of Labour Statistics, their average salary is somewhere around $66,560 per annum and the expected job rate growth for the decade 2014 – 2024 is 19%. With such handsome salaries and lucrative development options, this domain can be a great way to earn name and fame along with a good amount. Before we pursue further, we must break the myth that it is for female only. Men can also embark upon this career option and get good rewarding positions. The industry is not gendered biased.

  • Things to be learned at Makeup Cosmetology Schools:

Proper application techniques, facial contouring, natural and dramatic looks, accentuating each facial feature,airbrush makeup, masking skin imperfections, and wedding makeup.

  • Famous Makeup artists to be followed:

Billy Brasfield, Bobbi Brown, Debra Macki, Kimberly Bosso

  • Career Options:

Makeup artists for motion picture and video industries, personal care services, performing arts companies, television broadcasting, and amusement parks and arcades

  • Responsibilities:

Consulting Clients, Doing Makeup, Asking Referrals, Preparing tools

  • Average Salary:

US $ 11.17 (Average Annual Earning around the US $ 66,560)


  • 3 Best Places in India To Pursue the course:
  1. Pearl Academy
  2. Fat Mu Pro Makeup School
  3. VLCC Makeup School



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