CAT 2016 leaked


Technology has improved. The CAT exam comes in digital format, likely it doesn’t mean that there will be any cheaters to leak the questions.

The internet is a medium through which papers can be circulated. There are two possibilities. Either to transmit the questions to get the answers back or candidates showing his/her abilities to transmit by breaking the system. Of course, if answers can get back, questions can also move out in the same route.

Screenshots of the questions are making rounds on Whatsapp/Facebook & it’s going viral. It’s circulating from around 3pm. When matched, the questions in the exam & screenshot resembles.

The one time CAT exam leaked was CAT2003 & now, a similar case comes out. This time IIM Bangalore is conducting the exam. If leaked, they have to face a huge problem.

Well, things changed now & then. Exams are conducted in digital format. Regardless of such change, people managed to leak some questions. Although cell phones are not allowed in the center, but a candidate successfully sends the screenshot outside the hall & waited for the answers. Now, the question arises, Is the security so weak?

Although numerous candidates have confirmed that the questions leaked are not the questions appeared in the paper, but nothing can be sure until IIM officially disclose the matter.

However, students are very much concerned about the leak. IIM Bangalore needs to find what the actual problem is! If leaked, it would put many students in a matter of inconvenience. But, of course, IIM Bangalore has the responsibility not to do injustice because of some malpractice test-takers. Here, comes the question of IIM Bangalore’s capability.

The university should take necessary actions to find the solution of it & not to pay any attention to the rumors. Meanwhile, Students should calm down & have patience until the university comes to a conclusion. Moreover, it became a huge blast for all the genuine students prepared throughout the year.



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