Chattisgarh TV Anchor reads news out of her husband’s car accident death


Supreet Kaur, a Chattisgarh TV Anchor read the news just like she do. Unfortunately, she did just read the breaking news of her husband’s death in a road accident, leaving her shell-shocked colleagues speechless by her exemplary commitment.

Supreet Kaur, a  news reader at Chattisgarh private IBC-24 channel, kept her composure during Saturday’s morning LIVE news bulletin. The reporter phoned in details of a fatal accident involving a Renault Duster at Pithara in Mahasamund district.

Supreet broke down, but only after she walked out of the TV Studio after the news hour.

“An extremely strong lady, But, what happened today left all of us in shock.”

Supreet Kaur(28) has been a news anchor of IBC-24, one of Chattisgarh’s most-viewed channels for the past nine years. She hailed from Bhilai, married to Harsad Kawade a year ago and the couple was the residents of Raipur.

Obviously, Kaur has left the accident site. But, back at the office of the TV channel, her courage is dominating all the conservations.


“Supreet got a sense that it was her husband’s vehicle. She read the bulletin board and only then she came out of the studio and started calling her relatives,” said a colleague.

The editor said his staffs that he had come to know that her husband was dead while she was reading the news. But, the staffs did not tell her. They did not have the courage to do so.

However, either of the case; Kaur’s courage is unmatchable.



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