Chefs Take it up to a Mission.

On this International Chef’s Day…Chefs of Chandigarh observed it in a Novel way. A handful of Chefs from Chandigarh-tricity working in different concerns / capacities got together to take up social causes while observing the day. Moving as a group “Chefs for ‘Cause”…instead of a one place venue, they chose to move in Bikes/Cars to visit various Chandigarh based Dig- in Tandoors to celebrate the day with them..who have been working since 2-3 generations even. The ‘Cause was to give recognition to these un-sungs hero’s who according to them have been carrying the centuries old cooking tradition that of “Sanjah-Chulah”…and knowingly or unknowingly has kept it alive.The idea was to connect back with the heritage cooking…through them regarding them as the keepers of ‘same traditoon..As shared by the chefs that probably every household in Chandigarh at one time or other during the lifetime has relished their food or got the Tandoori roti cooked by them by offering dough…making it perhaps the only city where so many of them have adopted it serving the  local populace since many years.
While honouring them for their contribution towards Cooking Profession, Chefs also handed out Aprons and Caps to them as a token if respect towards them.
Taking up further to observing the day with a cause, they took up to a resolution to working/ contributing their bit towards “Restoration of Left-out food” that goes waste daily in different kitchens with in the city. They resolved to raise the general awareness among the different sectors in the form of Hotels/ Restsurants, Institutions, Industrial or Corporate houses to restore the ‘cooked food that probably goes waste in tons. They resolved to give reprsentations to heads of different organisations, to taking up as a Collective, mass effort to contributing towards United Nation’s Zero Hunger /Hunger free-2030 mission, beginning from the own home city  ‘Chandigarh/tricity’ making it a premiere first mist Zero Hunger or Hunger Free the country to setting up an example for others to emulate. In order to take it up further they resolved to meet at times, connecting /taking along other chefs with them to move on to the streets meeting /educating various concerns…involved in Quantity Cooking.


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