In China Xinjiang Province; kids with Muslim names now wouldn’t get education, Government benefits!


China has banned dozens of Islamic names. Those Islamic names are like Saddam and Jihad babies belonging to the Muslim-majority Xinjiang province. The desired move taken would prevent children from getting access to education and Government benefits.

Recently, Xinjiang authorities have banned dozens of names with religious connotations common to Muslims around the world. Those names were on the basis that they would exaggerate religious fervor.

There are dozens of baby names, among which Islam, Mecca, Jihad, Imam, Saddam, Hajj, Quran and Medina are banned under the building Chinese Communist party.

Childrens’ with banned names will not able to obtain “Hukou” or household registration. The registration will be used for accessing public school and different other social services.

However, the new region is the part of China’s fight against terrorism in this troubled world. A home to 10 million Muslims Uyghur ethnic minority.

In the new regulations, this is the latest in the slew that is restricting religious freedom in the name of countering religious extremism, said the HRW.

In the conflicts between the Han and Uyghur, the majority ethnic group in China that also controls the Government is common in Xinjiang.


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