Here is the most common password of 2016


Right from Netflix to KFC, a huge no of firms were hacked in 2016, leaving users’ accounts vulnerable.

But, despite being regularly warned of not to use common passwords that hackers can easily decode, it seems some of them aren’t taking the warnings seriously.

The numeric combination of ‘123456’ was the most common password of 2016, followed by ‘123456789′ and ‘qwerty’, according to the researchers who reviewed over 10 million security codes. It was found that, Out of 10 million passwords, 17 percent of people have been safeguarding their accounts with the numeric combination of the first six numbers i.e; ‘123456’. That means every six passwords collected, around one of them was this insanely easy to guess string of numbers.

The study also found that four of the top 10 passwords on the list are six characters or even shorter.

Passwords like ‘123456’, ‘111111’, ‘1234567890’, ‘1234567’, ‘password’, ‘987654321’ were among the top 10 list.

According to US-based password Management Keeper Security, “Today’s Brute-force cracking hardware and software can unscramble their passwords within seconds”.

Passwords like, ‘1q2w3e4r’ and ‘123qwe’ indicates that some users are attempting to use unpredictable patterns to secure their passwords. But, Keeper says that their efforts turned to be weak. Dictionary based-password crackers know how to look for sequential key variations, they can decode within seconds.

“Website users, which permits such protection scheme are either reckless or lazy”, said by the company.

The research says that the list of the frequently used passwords has changed a little over the past few years, which means that user’s education has limits.

It’s important for the users to be aware of the risks, a small minority is never going to take the time or effort to protect themselves. However, the website operators and the IT administrators must do the job for them, says the company.






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