Congress supporters hits back at Rishi  Kapoor


Last week, social media saw Rishi Kapoor questioning Indian assets being named after Gandhi’s or Congressmen. The Congress workers hit back at his tweets by naming a public toilet in Allahabad after the actor.

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  • The Story of Rishi Kapoor

The 63 year old actor had almost took over twitter with his numerous number of tweets, all against naming Indian roads and building after Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi and other Congress leaders. He questioned why they cannot be remained after Bollywood celebrities like himself or other personalities who have contributed to the Indian society.rishi kapoor 1

We must name important assets of the country who have contributed to the society. Har cheez Gandhi ke naam? I  dont agree. Sochna log!‘ read a tweet while another one read ,’THINK, There are 64 prominent places named after them only in New Delhi! Do you need that to commemorate them?’ ‘Why Indira Gandhi airport International? Why not Mahatma Ganghi or Bhagat Singh Ambedkar or on my name Rishi Kapoor. As superficial! What say?’ went another tweet from the actor who was once the romantic hero of Bollywood movies. He had also passed a remark saying ,“Baap ka maal samajh rakha tha?”

The remarks of Rishi Kapoor had provoked the Congressmen to hold protests before the actor’s house in Mumbai last week. And at the latest, a group of Congress workers angered by the tweets from the actor hung a board before a Sulabh Shauchalay (public toilet) in Allahabad bearing Rishi Kapoor’s name.

The actor has been quiet active on twitter with his sarcastic and sometimes self-offensive tweets earning himself over a million followers. Even though the actor had a valid point in his opinion, he has called up on trouble from the opposition party. The Congressmen does not seem to have enjoyed the actor’s tweet much.




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