This Conversation of An Elderly Couple Is The Best Thing On The Internet!


Yes, I have outwitted my husband and he also outwitted me.

Last winter, husband had severe cough and cold.

Doctor advised not to go out in the cold weather.

My husband is ‘early to bed and early to rise’ type person.

He wakes up at 4.30 in the morning. By 5′o clock goes out. Brings news paper and on his way back chats with all the persons he encounters on his way and returns home after one hour.

“Tomorrow early in the morning, you are not going out. Now-a-days it is very cold outside. Remember what doctor said?” I said.

“OK I will not go out”



Next day morning when I woke up at 6′o clock, I could not find him in the house.

“You promised me you will not go out in the morning” I said angrily after he returned.

“He.. he.. I kept aside the promise yesterday. ’’he laughed.

“OK I know how to deal with you. ”

We lock the front door in the night. Each one has a key. In the morning while going out he locks from outside and after I wake up I use my key to open the door.(It is a door lock).

That night I kept both the keys under my pillow.

Next morning when I woke up he was sitting on the sofa and reading previous day’s newspaper.

“You cheated me. Because of you, I have to read yesterday’s news paper” he said with a spouted mouth.

“Ha ha ha I win!” saying this I took out the key from under my pillow and handed it to him.

That night I used the same trick again.

When I got up next day morning I could not see him in the house.

I lifted the pillow. There was only one key.

“When did you remove the key ?” I asked him after his return.

“Ha ha don’t think you are smart. I am smarter than you. In the mid-night when you went to wash room I removed it. I was acting as if I was sleeping”

That night I put both the keys in the kitchen where he would not be able to find.

Next morning he was in the house.

“Ha ha ha I win” I said triumphantly.

That night I wanted to hide the keys somewhere else, but in the night I couldn’t find the second key.

So he hid it somewhere!

I gave up.

“OK if you want get sick, do whatever you like” saying this I went to sleep.

To my surprise, he was in the house the next morning.

“You have the key and you are still sitting here?’ I said surprisingly.

“I have decided to be a good boy. I noticed you are also catching cold because of me. I don’t want to trouble you” saying this he laughed.

I laughed heartily.


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