Cowardly and Barbaric Acts of Pakistan BSF/ARMY


Pakistan is not diverting from its mean tactics of committing cowardly acts at the border,

They are killing soldiers mischievously at their senior’s orders.

When a young soldier is killed by the other side,

The blood of every Indian boils after hearing the sad news, this side.

On one side, they offer to talk for maintaining cordial relations,

But simultaneously, they commit some ugly & Barbaric act to increase the escalations.

The families of Martyrs & people as well demand immediate revenge to be taken,

The Govt. should order our forces to resort to strict action, so that in future such incidents may not happen.

One cannot tolerate & sit as a silent spectator to see the condition of young widows and their children wailing in pain,

It has now become must to revenge blood for blood, as the enemy has lost every sense of shame.

A big blunder was committed in 1971 by the Indian Govt., to give back the area won by our forces.

This win was achieved by our forces after valiantly fighting with the enemy’s forces.

This created history in the world by our soldier’s mighty strength among the top world forces.

‘Kirti’ Demands along with 130 crores of people of India to wipe out Pakistan from the World map,

Otherwise, no alternative is left with us except to unfurl our tri-colour in the whole of Pakistan, a top.

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The writer, S.Gurbachan Singh,( G.S.'kirti') is a content writer, who has written so far more than forty five articles/poems on bravery of armed forces, crime against women, on Terrorism, social evils, farmers' suicide and remedies thereof; important personalities like marshal of the air force, s.arjan Singh,the great warrior; Bhagat Puran Singh; baba Banda Singh bahadur; the role of police in maintaining law and order; a short poem on the life of queen of England; decline of morality in social, political and religious spheres of India, today's political scenario of political parties against each other, drugs and so many other poems/articles. He has received a commendation certificate from Chandigarh police,an appreciation from general officer commanding in chief,western command and chief of air staff for his articles on the bravery of armed forces, surgical strike and advice to Pakistan; another appreciation from queen of England for a poem on"terrorism is a blot on the face of humanity. Now he is going to write on the jevic farming and its uses. Latest he has written a poem on "the great republic of India" in which he has stressed on the unity and diversity, which is the dire need of the present, when some people and some political parties have started their tones in dissent.


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