Own Cousin Killed, Crime Inspired From Crime Show.

Murder Inspired by Crime Show

Crime show

The Jaskirat murder case of Kapurthala that took place last month has finally come to a close with the arrest of three teenagers who planned and executed the murder of the 14 year old Jaskirat. To add to the chock, it has been found that the murder was inspired by a Crime Show.The deceased was the son of a successful local industrialist. The accused include Jaskirat’s cousin Parvinder Singh a.k.a Shelly and two of his friends Rajwinder Singh and Arshdeep Singh Gill. The three had just finished their Class XII examinations and were preparing for IELTS to go abroad on study visa.

Crime show

The plan was put to effect; Inspired by Crime Show

The appalling incident unfolded on April 11 , when Shelly tricked Jaskirat to get into Rajwinder’s car wherein he was made unconscious and strangled to death. The dead body was dumped in a sack at a house the three had rented earlier for other purposes. Arshdeep then made a call to Jaskirat’s father demanding a ransom of Rs. 30 lakh which they where to use to fly abroad. The body was then dumped in a nearby village the very next day which was finally found by the police on the 13th.

The police had nailed the three guilty on the basis of clues and evidence found from a CCTV footage of an ice cream parlor and also suspicions arose related to Shelly.

What the accused has to say.

The three young fellows found guilty claims to have murdered Jaskirat purely out of jealousy as the father of the deceased was doing well in business. They planned on using the ransom to fly abroad. The murderers also say that the famous crime show Crime Patrol had inspired them for this and had given them ideas on how to operate the plan.

Media to be blamed?

It is indeed sad to learn that a show that attempts to throw light on the cruelties in our society for the cause of keeping away people from committing crimes has instead turned out to be inspiration for these three. It is truly unbelievable how Shelly was willing to take his own cousin’s life just for the sake of money. He thought the money acquired would do him good. But it did not help him in anyway except to get himself behind bars. Many a times, audience are so much drawn by visual and other medias that they start acting on it. Thus it also becomes the duty of the creatives to be extremely careful about the message they are giving away through their programs.





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