A Delhi guy who failed in 12th boards wrote an Inspiring FB Post!


Every year around this time, the 12th boards examination either makes or breaks the students. While some students are busy in celebrating their percentages, some students take extreme steps to cope with the failure suicides.

In today’s date, the culture is in such a way that 90% and above marks are worshiped and others are rejected. This rejection leads the students to commit suicide. They don’t find any other way, rather than killing themselves.

However, the actual truth is that no one cares about your academic scores. Because your score in Mathematics wouldn’t determine if you can deliver a project or not and your economics score will not help an interviewer to manage its team.

A Delhi guy updated a status, a few days ago regarding his failure in 12th boards; is now a 26-year-old successful man. Vaibhav Jha has shared something about his life on Facebook. Despite, being under pressure, he found a way and tried to follow his passion. As per his suggestions, all should do the same too.

I failed in my 12th boards. I come from the Maithil Brahmin, ladka paida hua toh engineer aur ladki huyi toh doctor family. However, I was always abandoned by everyone around me. Neighbors loathed me. Parents hated me and my mother cursed for carrying a kid like me in her wombs for 9 months.

Whether my family didn’t understand or I was one thought so much in the reality. They didn’t understand that brainwashing a kid for taking science stream wouldn’t work for better future. Honestly speaking, I am an intelligent dude. The reason I failed because I didn’t do anything. I will do anything to avoid studying. I will sit at the table and make small paper balls or I will play mock football to avoid memorizing some chemical equations. And, the results are right in front of you. Failed!

However, I wasn’t disappointed at all. Because I know that this is my doing. What cursed me the most that everyone around me acted like I had committed a crime. Even the relatives who don’t know me makes a picture of mine and everyone had something to say or the other.

“This dude will either sit in a small shop in which his dad invests or sit in a call-center because the dude can at least spit English due to fancy public school.”

Taking about today, the 26-year-old me runs a small design setup and has now been working with one of the biggest business setups in the market. The 26-year-old guy marketed start-ups, Production-houses, Film festivals, Featured films, Restaurants, Hotels, Actors and Directors. I pay salaries to people. The guy who was scheduled to work in a grocery shop is now at this stage.

People, who failed thrice, are now making 6 figures of what they love to do. So, don’t get sad by just one failure. Don’t harm yourself for this reason. Don’t go and scream to your old man and woman. They will shout, scream and disgrace you. Every Indian parent does the same thing. But, the time will pass. I promise it will. No one gonna gives a damn shit to your 12th board marks after a year.

Just avoid what your padosi aunty or durr ki Masi says.

Channelize yourself in one thing, which you can master in. That’s it, and you’re done! Just, don’t hurt yourself either physically or mentally.


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