Demonetization: Rs 2000 Rupee Notes might be Banned in June


The buzz about demonetization is not over yet. Everyday few days we hear of a new policy or a measure by RBI. Whether it is the change of limit or introduction of new Rs 50 notes. As of now, the latest buzz is that the 2000 Rs notes may be banned as well in June. The public gave opinions to ban Rs 2000 notes as it’s of no use & eventually leads to increase in Black Money. We think that the government might take this aspect seriously. Now- a-days the buzz is about eradicating 2000 notes in June 2017. And This will again turn out to be a big problem for the common man.

Narendra Modi’s demonetization had significant negative impact on working class. However, the rural areas and the common man was the worst hit. Demonetization might have helped curb black money to an extent but yet all the Black Money has not been discovered yet. The government is still having a deficit of 4,000 crores of notes of 500 and 1000.

The Reason behind Ban of Rs 2000 Notes:

The reason behind government’s this move is to give a second hit to the black money hoarders. While the Black Money hoarders are trying to convert their old notes into new ones of Rs 2000 , the sudden ban of Rs 2000 notes would give them another hit.

The main idea is to not spare the black money hoarders in any way. Although this might seem logical but when it comes to practical implementation, things might not be that good. The government has already failed to implement the demonetization properly and we don’t see any good in future.

Let’s wait for the official announcement.


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