“I dialed 100 and Asked The Police To Arrest My Mother” -My Story

indian asian boy child portrait playing with mobile phone in living room wearing red colour tshirt or tee shot with nikon d-5100 with 35mm 1.8g prime lens processed in lightroom and photoshop
Story Submitted By Priya

I dialed 100 and asked the police to arrest my mother!

This happened when I was 10. So basically my friends and I were playing in the living room. Mother cautioned me that we need to stop playing, as I had promised her that I will study after one last game if she lets us play and that one last game turned into some ten last games. I totally ignored Mother’s words and I was unaware that she was approaching towards me and then, Slapppppp!!! Not even once but twice. All my friends ran away from my home. I cried and cried and cried that I got insulted before my friends. She didn’t even care that I was hurt and I was crying, I thought that she would come to me with food but SHE DID NOT.

I then hurried towards the Telephone, dialed One Zero Zero(100). The receiver: “Hello what’s the problem?” then I said “Arrest my Mother. She is very cruel, She slapped me so hard, so put her in jail for two days.” from the other side I’ve heard a hilarious HAHAHA!

I hung up the call and my Momma was right behind me. Needless to say, I got another two tight slaps as bonus


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