A disguised Sonu Nigam gets Rs 12 for his singing


Sonu Nigam, the singer with the golden voice is now up for a little social experiment.Sonu Nigam teamed up with YouTube channel Being Human and with the use of prosthetics turned into a beggar.

The singer who turned into the garb of an old beggar enthralled the crowds on the streets of Juhu in Mumbai. This deliberate move to be disguised as an artist on the streets was to promote his newly released web video.

A hidden camera was installed at a distance captured the reactions of the passerby who stopped to enjoy the old man’s voice. According to sources, one passerby took the singer’s permission before recording his voice. He even got Rs 12 from a passerby for his beautiful singing.sonu nigam

He sat under the shade of a tree in Juhu with a harmonium and a chalkboard. He started with his own song from Kal Ho Na Ho. Many people congratulated him for his silky voice, but no-one recognized him.

When the singer was asked about this initiative, he said that he had no expectation. For the first time he was being someone else that that was an awkward situation for him. The make-up was good that people standing close to even could not recognize him. He also confirmed that the harmonium that has been used is the one that his parents gifted him when he was born.

The creative director Karl Katgara said that this initiative was to inspire people to enjoy the beauty of music. Sonu Nigam has one of the most recognizable voices in the country. The interesting part was to see the same man singing his own songs disguised as a beggar, and none could recognize him at all. The entire country is appreciating the singer for such a humble experience.

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