DIYs to reuse old ice trays


When you bought your new freezer it probably came with an ice cube tray. These hardly ever get any use apart from during the summer when people want to make ice cubes to cool their drinks down. However, there are lots of creative ways to use ice cube trays!


We have collected 5 ways that you can creatively use your ice cube trays and none of them includes making ice.


  1. Make Your Own Seed Bombs


 Seed bombs are great for sprucing up your outdoors. If you have areas that are otherwise lacking in color, you can just throw a few seed bombs on them and they will begin to grow loads of beautiful colors to cover up those otherwise boring areas.


  1. Preserve eggs for future use


You can put a whole egg, egg yolk, or egg white into each cell of the ice tray. Once they’re frozen, snap them out of the tray or place the whole tray, which saves space, into a Ziploc bag. When you’re ready to use your eggs, you’ll need to thaw them. Just make sure you don’t microwave them because they’ll actually cook.


  1. Make Herbal Ice Cubes


You can create lovely cubes of frozen flowers and add them to lemonade, tea or anything else you may be drinking. This is a great trick for summer barbeques and parties and makes ice a bit more interesting.


  1. Make a seed starter


To make your own seed starter, you’ll need to drill a 1/8-inch hole into each cell of your ice tray. Then, add potting soil and sow your choice of seeds. If you don’t have a drill, you can burn a hole into each cell’s bottom with a hot screwdriver. This hole will create drainage for your seedlings.


  1. Make Homemade Dishwasher Detergent Tablets


Dishwashers are absolutely wonderful until you have to keep buying the tablets to put in them. Those can get a bit expensive. You can, however, use those old ice cube trays to create your own dishwasher tablets with a recipe that will not only get your dishes sparkling clean, it will leave them smelling lemony fresh.



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