Doctors Removed A Canadian Woman’s Lungs For Six Days To Save Her Life


A Canadian woman’s life was saved by removing her lungs for six days while she waited for a transplant. Indeed, a rare case.

Melissa Benoit, a 32-year-old lady was born with cystic fibrosis, a condition that affected the lungs. This condition can lead the patient with difficulty in breathing, coughing up mucus and frequent lung infections.

The reports say that she was brought to Toronto General Hospital with a severe lung infection in April 2016. The patient’s ribs were fractured by coughing fits, while her lungs were filled with blood, pus and mucous that decreased the supply of air to her lungs.

Considering the history of the patient, doctors put her on a ventilator, but they were pretty sure that wouldn’t keep her alive for long. However, their only hope was a lung transplant.

Doctors told a bold step— they decided to remove her lungs to eliminate the source of bacterial infection.

Dr. Shaf Keshavjee, one of the three surgeons who operated her, said that there were only hours left on her hand and whatever had to be done, to be done right now. During the 13-hour surgery, they found that her lungs were swollen and filled with mucus.

After hours of surgery, Benoit’s condition started to improve. A small artificial lung was connected to Benoit’s heart for blood circulation and supply of oxygen.

While doctors were uncertain about when they would find a pair of healthy lungs, however, it was available after six days of surgery.

Gradually, her condition started improving after hours of successful surgery. While the entire process damaged one of her kidneys, the lady feels grateful that she has been pulled from the brink of death.


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