Domestic Violence against Women, a Curse to the Society


Domestic Violence against Women is growing day by day all around the world. The violence creators are mostly alcoholics, and they feel pride in hitting women. Everybody wants a mother, a sister, a wife, but few want to respect them. They think that hitting or behaving badly with a girl is thing of big honour and bravery and they also presume that by doing so, they are showing their gender superiority but in turn the society hates such criminals and are never respected.

Domestic violence is such a bad name and a curse to the society that sometimes we feel ashamed living in such a society. But feeling ashamed is not the solution. Though no doubt there are many NGO’s working for the same reason still there is a need of changing the scenario in an aggressive way.

The Goddess whom people worship were also women. So the time is not far when people would feel ashamed worshipping the goddesses, there will be no respect left for the women and the whole society would indulge In abusing their mother’s sister’s and also their wives.

Peep India is soon forming an organization which will dedicatedly work for such social issues, hopefully with the aim of getting positive results in the transformation of the society. Let us join hands to do something for which we will feel proud.

Else these evils will surround the society and will cripple us in a bad way.


Deeksha Kalra

Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself what do we want for ourselves? You must be pondering as to what I am talking about? It’s one thing that you witness every single day and never raise a voice-Domestic Violence. Me being the victim of the same, knows how much it hurts. So, are we going to accept it for the rest of our lives or prove to the society that we, the Women are weak and vulnerable? Are we going to put an end to it or pass on the tradition to the next generation? It’s high time now to take a chance to either lose yourself or reclaim your respect. It’s your life! Love it! Look Beautiful! Remember to flaunt smile and not the scars.

Pinky Jain

Domestic violence is also created when a person gets mentally tortured. To curb that there should be a lot of understanding between the husband and the wife and also between in laws and their daughter in law. Sometimes Domestic Violence is initiated in the name of inter caste marriages, dowry demands, the way you look (taunts on dark complexion, etc.).

So to curb all this, people need to change their thinking and to change that somebody has to come forward to take the initiative.

Opinion - Domestic Violence/Bullying


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