Easy and Healthy recipes that college students can give a try


Student life is quite hectic. There are times where students become so busy with their schedule that they even forget to have their meals. Here are some of the simple and healthy dishes which every student should give a try!


  1.  Microwave Mustard Mashed Potato


For this meal, you just need a college student’s best friend – the microwave! This microwave recipe for mustard mashed potatoes leads to a quick meal. You just need to figure out what to do during the 12 minutes that the potatoes are cooking.


  1. Tarka Daal


If you learn how to make a daal, you will never go hungry again. All you need is onions, lentils, a handful of spices, and some spare time. Make a huge batch of this creamy delight, and freeze the rest for cold days.

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  1. Veggie Ramen Soup


It’s one of the easiest forms of microwave cooking, it’s cheap, and it’s fast. Ramp up your ramen game with a couple of hacks. You can dress up a plain ole package of dried noodles by chopping up a few vegetables and tossing them into the broth along with a soft boiled egg.

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  1. Chicken Pot Pie Cupcakes


Nothing fills your body up with yummy veggies and protein-enriched chicken like a pot pie. Make these mini pies so that you can serve them to your friends, eat them on the go, or snack on them while you’re pigging out on learning.

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  1. Overnight oats


Overnight oats are thrifty, delicious, and take less than three minutes to make. You don’t even need to make them the night before – stir yogurt and fruit through oats and then eat it five minutes later. Healthy and delicious!

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  1. Egg Muffins


Are you craving a frittata for breakfast? This egg muffin recipe means that you can easily serve some mini frittatas to your friends and have a couple to spare!


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