Eat With It and Then “EAT IT”: Exclusive Interview With The Man Who Introduced Edible Cutlery


We bring to you an Exclusive Interview with the founder of Bakeys, Mr. Narayan Peesapaty.( Bakeys is a company that produces edible cutlery)



Q.1. What is Bakeys?

ANS. Bakeys is a company that was set up in 2010 in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. We at Bakeys manufacture edible cutlery. This initiative was started to fight back plastic menace and the depletion of ground water.

Q2. How did Bakeys got initiated?

ANS. I am a scientist and my main area of research was groundwater depletion. During my, research I found that groundwater depletion was not owing to rainwater shortage. I was puzzled and had to reach to the core of this problem. So, I started to visit almost every village in the country to see where did the problem actually lie. Upon my research, I found that the agriculture consumed more than 56% of power. That was fine, but if this was the case, the consequences should have been good. The farmers should have had higher production and eventually higher income. But this was not the case. That is when I discovered the problem: RICE.

“The consumption of Rice is the main culprit behind the depletion of ground water and power scarcity. Very few people know that it takes 5000 liters of water to cultivate just 1Kg. So eventually for one ton of rice, you will need 5 million liters of rice. Ironically, there has been no increase in the consumption of rice, but there has been an annual increase in its production. This is the problem behind Power scarcity, Food scarcity, Poverty and Ground Water depletion.”

And in all this scenario, the Millet farmers were the worst hit. The other cash crops have been already killing their produce and motivation to continue. On top of this, there were problems such as low soil fertility and the decreasing ground water level. That is when I decide to come up with Bakeys. I tested Jowar in comparison to Rice and the results were startling. I discovered:

  • Jowar has more protein that Rice
  • Jowar helps to reduce stress levels in teens and decreases anxiety levels.
  • Jowar contributes to weight loss.

Q3. How is your product different from other similar types?

ANS. Edible cutlery is not a new thing. It has been there for many years now. The thing that makes Bakeys different is that “None of the other similar products have been able to commercialize”. On top of that, our primary motive is to replenish the ground water.

Q4. What are your Quality Standards?

ANS. Our aim to provide the best. We focus on COMPLETE Purity. All our ingredients are completely pure. In our fight against plastic, we aim to use paper and non-plastic items for packaging as well. Even if our spoon is not used and thrown as such, it will decompose in a few days, because it is made of completely pure ingredients.

Q5. How are you planning to grow it further?

ANS. We have plans to grow it further and it has become our requirement also now. We plan to start a bigger factory in Hyderabad. We are looking forward to Logistics support so that we can provide Bakeys product all over India. We look to expand it in abroad as well, but those options are yet to be evaluated. The main production and managing place will be Hyderabad only. As of now, we are focused on completing the orders on a priority basis.

Q6. Are there any more projects or products on board?

ANS. Yes, we have a lot of plans for the future. We are coming up with Jowar Paranthas and edible soup and salad bowls and lots of other products. We are looking forward to giving away Bakeys franchise as well. However, the franchise will be lead by only women entrepreneurs. This is also to promote women empowerment.

Q7. Comment on the hype of startup these days.

ANS. I feel this has been more of like following the crowd. More like “Bhed Chal” as that’s what we  refer in Hindi. Just because a few startups have been successful, more and more people are coming up with startups. The biggest problem is that the main concept is same for all. We have a few categories in which we can divide Lakhs of startups. They are

  • Food
  • Gaming
  • E-commerce
  • Website
  • Health
  • Apps

These are the main categories in which we can wind up most of the startups. The main idea for the startups is same. Just some innovation and few changes are being added and it is being initiated as a new startup. That is the reason why more than 90% startups have failed.

Q8. How Kick Starter initiated crowdfunding for your startup? How was your experience with them?

ANS. Ketto and Kickstarter helped us in crowdfunding. That helped me to start with Bakeys. Our experience was wonderful with them. As of now, we are working on completing their orders on a priority basis. Once that is done, we will wind up the remaining orders.



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