Ever Heard Of Edible Spoon ? Eat With It Then Eat It!

Narayana Peesapaty, a researcher and agriculture consultant from Hyderabad, India, came up with a strange but life-saving idea.  He developed an edible spoon made up of millet, rice and wheat flours, in 2010; 1.5 million of which have been sold till date by his company Bakeys.
In order to have more sales than his plastic counterparts, the company has started the Kickstarter campaign with an idea of raising $20,000 within nine days of its launch and has to meet the target of $64,000 by Saturday. The inquiries were so many that the company made a Facebook page to handle each of them consequently.edible spoon cutlery unique startupThe campaign includes a new product called “edible lunch spoon” which can resist for 20 minutes in hot liquid and has been designed in various flavors like sugar, ginger-cinnamon, ginger-garlic, celery, black pepper, mint-ginger, and carrot beetroot. These spoons can be used within two to three years.

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The best part is that it is edible spoon, and if you don’t want to eat it, you can throw it which requires four to five days for decomposition. The campaign also made an announcement that they were planning a new facility that could produce 800,000 spoons each day. They are also deciding to extend the idea to other utensils in the next three months.

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Along with the Kickstarter campaign, there is another project named “ Edible Spoon Maker” which lets you make spoons out of any dough at home which is on a very small scale in comparison to Peesapaty’s ambition of establishing an international market. For meeting such a huge demand, he thinks of taking help from the farmers for producing millets and less water-hungry rice which would be environmentally beneficial.

Though plastic is cheap, it pollutes to a larger extent which these edible spoons would never. We Would Love to Taste Them , What about You?


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