Eerie CCTV footage shows walking ghost in a Television studio at night

 A strange paranormal activity has been noticed in the CCTV footage recording of ‘Day to Day’ television studio where a strange entity has been seen walking through the TV studio at late midnight.

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The studio belongs to Caracol TV in Colombia, US, where normal shooting is carried out for the TV channel. In the CCTV footage, it is clearly visible that how the shadowy figure moves briefly through the scenery.
The CCTV footage shows a security guard passing through the corridors in haste for checking the presence of any intruder in the building. Security personnel reported strange noises in the building and claim to have seen the shadow in several locations. Several other security guards have also reported the same experience.
The clip, since its upload to YouTube, has gained much popularity and has made a count of 18,200 views. Not all viewers agree to the incident and consider it to be fake. One suggested the figure was simply computer generated, writing: “More fake CGI.”
Apparitions to be seen on camera have become a common phenomenon. Recently, a video captured a ghost floating towards a CCTV camera – terrifying a worker who was alone and working late. Another creepy figure was spotted on a London tube track, making commuters’ journey a whole lot scarier.
Another viral spooky video has come up where an unknown entity seems to destroy a person’s home by throwing plates and opening draws in his absence.
These strange incidents receive mixed responses because most people consider them as a publicity material and fake so that they can gain popularity with no time. Social media is filled with all these strange happenings, out of which most of them are the result of the smart use of computer technology.


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