What was your most embarrassing moment in front of a gynecologist?


Not everyone is comfortable in their meeting with the gynecologist. Here are some experiences of some people that will amuse you.

Experience 1:

Once I visited a gynecologist due to irregular menstrual cycle.

It was before two years ago. And I didn’t have menses for three months. So I decided to visit a gynecologist. I took a ticket, and I was waiting. Finally, my turn came.

Gynecologist: Next, Come in.

Me: May I come in sir?

Gynecologist: Yes, yes. Please sit down! What’s problem going on?

Me: Sir, actually I have missed menses for three months.

Gynecologist: Have you missed before this, or this is for the first time?

Me: No sir, for the first time. Previously It was regular.

Gynecologist: Any depression?

Me: Yes sir, a little bit.

Between our talk, He was writing pregnancy test at first of the prescription. When I saw writing that checks with his bad handwriting, and he said ‘I have written some medication along with pregnancy test. And then a thousand questions were coming to my mind! Should I do? Can I ask him why he has written this test? Blah. blah. Then my voice told myself ‘Dikshita; you can ask him questions, you are confident!’ Then I just said.

Me: Sir, I don’t have a boyfriend. So no chance of getting pregnant!

Gynecologist: Is it?

Me: Yes, Of course, sir.

Gynecologist: Ok then. No need to do. Take this medication, Ok.

Me: Ok sir. Thank you, sir.

Finally, he cut that point. Off! Relief! I told myself. Seriously I was embarrassed after that prescription. By the way, after taking his medication, I had regular menses.


Dikshita Gogoi

Experience 2:

I have a tattoo that goes across my pelvic bone, and at the time I had two piercings that were, *ahem* below the belt. After that i was having issues during a high-risk pregnancy and was referred to a doctor who specialized in high-risk cases such as mine. I wasn’t surprised, but I was a bit taken aback when I met him, and he was an older man. Then i don’t know why it struck me as odd, but I went about my business as usual and undressed, thinking nothing more about it.

After I had been positioned in the stirrups, he got reticent. I poked my head up, and our eyes met. I asked him if everything was okay, he just nodded and went back to work. Then i texted my best friend and said, “I’m pretty sure this new gyno just silently judged me.” She sent back a whole screen full of “hahaha” because she knew exactly what I was talking about, as she was the one who had done the piercings for me.

Leanna Lloyd


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