Have you ever met someone famous and they ended up hitting on you?


Here is the story of a lady who met someone famous and he ended up hitting on her.

Yes. I’ve met quite a few celebrities throughout my life. Never seeking them out, but strangely I’ve been in just the right place and the majority of the time with no clue who I’m talking to at the time until we approach introductions…!

This particular time, it was the girls night out, and we painted the town – it was a crazy, late summer evening.

We were all enjoying the evening when all of a sudden this guy was standing behind me, and I didn’t even see how he got there as it was out of the way and behind a lot of other people who were with us.



He said hello and started up a conversation. (This was a very, very long time ago!)
We both had been in Chicago for a brief time. Me, from Ohio and he arrived from California. So we talked about that and then more of the usual, he asked me what I did for a living, and I returned the question. Just making small talk, until he told me he just started with the Chicago Bears!
“Wait, what did you say?!!”

He repeated it, and between you and me, he could have been working for NASA, because I’m not much of a football person. (Admittedly loving the fanfare, tailgate parties and being with friends…but the truth is I know close to nothing about the game of football.)

So we had a great time talking, and he asked me out, and I said no because I was seeing someone at the time. We talked some more and he was very polite, charming and fun and it turned out to be a great evening!

It wasn’t until later on after he left; that my friends told me I should have taken him up on his invitation and they told me more about the date that wasn’t meant to be, with the one and only Vestee Jackson!



A fantastic evening and great story taboot! 🙂


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