Have you ever witnessed an incident which inspired you to achieve something?


Incidents are also the part of our life. Everybody face one such incident which changes their life. Here is one such incident which inspired a person to achieve something.

And the incident took place on a kids cartoon show!

Do you recognize them:

Have you ever witnessed an incident which inspired you to achieve something?


Okay, so one fine day Dexter was on his usual business in his laboratory when her sister Dee Dee came and got convinced that his younger brother needs to “get a life” and hence decided to deracinate him. She somehow managed to convince him to start a life outside of his laboratory and suggested that he should start this off by destroying his lab.

He complied.
He destroyed and pulled down every single piece of equipment he had and went out to play and explore the fun of his life, as his sister was telling about for so long.

The first time Dexter spent an entire day outside of his dear lab, only to find out that he doesn’t really belong to the place.
He decided to go back from where he came.

But where to go? Everything was vandalized and severely demolished. Wires were protruding off, sparks were everywhere, all the buttons were grubbed out. Not even his dear computer was in a condition to speak with him.
This is where I thought the series of the show ends.

But wait! He got up, picked up a screw driver and a broken computer and started repairing it! Calm and slow, his eyes closes, as he knew it would take long but at the end, he will able to rectify everything.

I was 7 at the time. This show hit me hard somewhere deep in the unconscious, as a kid. Though it was just an another cartoon show, it taught me something very important, to not to lose my hope ever! There is never late to start afresh. Doesn’t even matter how hard the situation may get, there is always a hope, there is always a solution.

All it needs is a fresh start.


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